The Birth of CSTs

CST…a Christian sex talk.

Say what?!  Christians don’t have sex…okay, the don’t have good sex, right?


**giggle, snort, snicker**

So, so wrong…

My friends and I started having CSTs about eight yearsImage ago.  It began one evening by accident in Life Group, aka Bible study.  We normally would have co-ed Bible study, but this particular week the boys when upstairs and the girls stayed downstairs.  My friend, let’s call her Margaret, just had a baby and after our lesson, we started chatting like girls do.

Soon, we were talking about S – E – X (oh my!).

This was kind of taboo in our church, especially for leaders in the church, which most of us were.  Our pastor had said many times that sex stuff between husbands and wives should stay between husbands and wives.   So, we never talked about it.  Until that one night…

The guys soon came down from their (very holy, I’m sure) Bible study to find us giggling like a bunch of pre-teen girls who just put their friends’ bra in the freezer.  And it was great.  It was healthy!  It wasn’t naughty or nasty or perverted.  It was helpful and very, very freeing.

ImageI am a Christian and I believe sex in marriage is a gift from God.  It is made solely for our pleasure.  God could have created a million different ways for us to procreate; He didn’t have to give us sex.  But he did.  And I am oh-so thankful!  (And, I might add, so is my husband!)

So, I don’t agree that Christians should excuse themselves from the sex conversation!  We should be part of it!  We should be (considerate and careful but ultimately) talking about the good and the bad parts of sex and marriage.  So, what do you think?  Wanna have a CST??  **wink, wink**

Send me a topic or question.  I’ll pose it on your behalf while keeping your confidentiality, if you so wish.  Email me at and put CST in the subject line, or just use the comment section!